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Steinberg Debuts "Nuendo Live"; Strengthens Relationship with Yamaha


At the Pro Light+Sound 2012 show in Frankfurt, Germany, a cozy relationship between two subsidiaries of Yamaha Corporation, the Steinberg Media Technologies and Yamaha Music became much more evident with Yamaha?s latest line of live sound recording consoles built specifically for Nuendo. 

Yamaha CL5 Console is built specificaly for the new Nuendo Live software by Steinberg
Yamaha CL5 is a high-end console built specificaly for the new Nuendo Live software by Steinberg

Yamaha?s new line-up comprises of three consoles, the CL1, CL3, and CL5, are founded on the same Centralogic user interface first introduced on the "analog user-friendly" MC7L series.  Each of these devices will also include a copy of Steinberg?s Nuendo Live, their new multitrack DAW recording software, with all of its functions easily navigable through the CL consoles. 

Nuendo Live UI - a lot of changes beneath the hood should strengthen Steinberg's position on the DAW market.

Nuendo Live, which was also introduced at PL+S 2012 this year, is said to include exclusive functions for live events, such as transport control, marker insertion, quick session setup, 60-second pre-record buffer, 32-bit floating point resolution, and auto-save functionality. This software will also use the 64-bit RIFF 64 BWF file format by default, removing the usual 4GB file size barrier of other WAV recording formats. Even if the content is recorded onto a 32-bit FAT32 file system, Live will split the audio file before the 4GB limit is reached. Nuendo Live is scheduled for release sometime during second quarter of 2012 (April-June). 

Steinberg also announced that from April 2012, the European distribution of their Nuendo product range will be assigned to Yamaha Music Europe. Given that this move comes seven years after Yamaha acquired Steinberg, this change will ideally enable both manufacturers to offer a broader range of hardware and software solutions to both European consumers and professionals alike. 

Yamaha Nuendo Live Console with the external breakout box

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems (YCAS) will be showcasing their audio mixing and production hardware at the NAB Show 2012 in mid-April, and BSN* will be there to see these new consoles in action.