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Report: How Digital Storm Created Aventum, High Performance PC


This week, Digital Storm announced their Aventum PC. The Aventum has a custom designed chassis, liquid cooling system, and proprietary software creating what Digital Storm says is the world?s most advanced PC.

BSN talked with Harjit Chana, Digital Storm?s Chief Operations and Marketing Officer, last fall at NVIDIA’s GeForce LAN 6 Event. Chana promised he would call BSN* when they had a new idea ready to discuss. Digital Storm engineers have been working on the Aventum project since then. Aventum features a patent-pending chassis and CES Innovations Award-winning Cryo-TEC cooling system.

Digital Storm's CES Innovations Award 2012
Digital Storm?s awards include CES Innovations 2012 Award, as well as recognitions from Intel, NVIDIA and others.

Last month Chana said they were ready to show their then latest chassis ideas. Below is what we saw.

Harjit Chana, Digital Storm COO and CMO posing with the 1st prototype of Aventum
Harjit Chana and Aventum 1st prototype

Chana said: "We’ve been a system integrator building high-performance PCs backed by a warranty and direct customer support." He told us that Aventum is their "exclusive high-performance PC which is designed from the inside out by our engineering team. Aventum?s design has a tremendous list of features and benefits that we are sure enthusiasts will love, however, these qualities are also extremely beneficial to Creative Professionals, PC Gamers, and even high performance computing. It?s been a long road from concept, to design, and now our launch, and we couldn?t be prouder of our new flagship Aventum PC."

Aventum chassis boasts a proprietary thermal exhaust chamber, five intelligent thermal zones and exclusive Aventum software that controls 13 customizable fans to get rid of performance robbing heat. Together with the Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system that chills liquid below 0ºC (yes, this is the real "cryo cooling", freezing the components below the freezing point, Ed.), Digital Storm has designed the industry?s first truly custom high-performance PC.

Aventum specifications
Aventum specifications – as you can see, Digital Storm extensively relies on Corsair, EVGA and Intel components.

Chana took BSN?s Theo Valich, Anshel Sag, and John Oram for a tour of the Fremont, California headquarters and factory showing various phases of Aventum final configuration. We saw the mockup of the months of R&D by Digital Storm engineers using thermal imaging cameras to perfect the Aventum?s air flow design. Starting with the patent pending thermal exhaust chamber, Digital Storm has ensured that performance killing heat is contained and dispersed so it doesn’t recirculate through the system. The Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system utilizes direct contact heat dissipation to remove heat from the CPU and then moves that liquid through three massive 420mm heat exchange radiators.

Close-up of Mockup for Cryo-TEC liquid cooling routing
Close-up of Mockup for Cryo-TEC liquid cooling routing

We were taken through the security door and into where the R&D engineers were running the next-generation Intel processor through advanced testing with the Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system. The attached video monitor was blanked out so we could not give our readers any exact readings. Chana said the performance increase will be equal to or greater than their present Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition option.

Overview Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system and next-generation Intel processor
Overview Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system and next-generation Intel processor codenamed Ivy Bridge

A closer look at the R&D the Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system that chills liquid below 0ºC.

Cryo-TEC liquid cooling block and next-generation Intel processor
Cryo-TEC liquid cooling block and next-generation Intel processor. Cryo-TEC cooling can cool both the CPU and the GPU such as the newly released GeForce GTX 680

Chana explained that Digital Storm has integrated automated regulation of five thermal zones and their corresponding fans, all of which are monitored by individual temperature probes. With Digital Storm?s exclusive Aventum software, users can fine tune 13 chassis fans, monitor and regulate thermal zones, and personalize chassis LED colors all within Microsoft Windows via exclusive Digital Storm software. Aventum?s critical system performance information and personalized systems specs can be displayed on an LCD screen located on the side panel.

Digital Storm?s Temperature Control Module

Digital Storm?s Temperature Control Module

Chana then took BSN?s editors to the assembly area where
a Black OPS Syndicate Ultimate system was being built.

Black OPS Syndicate Ultimate system
Black OPS Syndicate Ultimate system

Chana explained that not only are gamers using Digital Storm high-performance computers, but they are being sold to businesses which use them in place of proprietary workstations. Chana said they are found running CAD (computer aided design) applications helping designers come up with new products. They are also used by the military because their high-performance computers are not affected by high air-temperatures. Many brokerage houses use their Digital Storm PCs to do just-in-time trading without adding to the rooms air-conditioning load.

Chana said that BSN* will be getting an Aventum for testing in the near future. An Aventum with the next-generation Intel processor should be an OMG fun time.