Godfrey Cheng formerly of AMD Joins Rick Bergman at Synaptics

Exactly two weeks after we had originally broken the news that Godfrey Cheng, former Director, Client Technology Unit, Client Division at AMD, was leaving the company we now have news about where he’s headed.

As of today, two weeks after the announcement, as is standard practice in the US, Godfrey has joined Rick Bergman at Synaptics, who also recently left AMD after being a Senior VP at the company for many years. Rick Bergman is now CEO of Synaptics which is a company that has an extremely big presence in the touch space of today’s computing. The majority of touchpads that you’ll find in most of today’s devices are from Synaptics.

Synaptics is putting themselves on the forefront of touch technology by creating a broad portfolio of different touch technologies that range across many different mobile sectors. With the heavy focus on touch in devices like the iPad and smartphones, touch has almost become the defacto standard of interfacing with one’s technology devices. To us, the most interesting thing in touch technology right now will be what Microsoft does with Windows 8.

Currently, there is a lot of buzz around Windows 8 in both PCs and Tablets. The interesting thing will be to see how well Windows 8 integrates with current and future touch technologies as it struggles to catch up with Apple’s iOS and iPad touch capabilities. Since Microsoft is building Windows 8 from the ground up purely to improve the horrendous touch experience that exists within Windows 7, we are expecting to not only see interesting Windows 8 tablets, but also Windows 8 laptops and desktops that more heavily integrate touch in ways that we haven’t seen before. One good example of this was the Intel convertible Ultrabook that we saw at CES this year where it could serve as a laptop or as a tablet and had a second screen for accessing Windows Live Tiles while closed.

Godfrey will be serving as the company’s Vice President of Marketing in their PC Division. Knowing Godfrey, this is a perfect spot for him as we’ve always seen him as someone who is interested in shaping the way that the technology industry moves and to help it move in a productive and innovative manner. We expect to see some really interesting things out of Synaptics in the coming year, especially with Windows 8 and we’ll likely find ourselves working very closely with Godfrey and the people at Synaptics when those things come to fruition.

Now that two high-ranking AMD people have moved to Synaptics after leaving the company we begin to ask if the company will continue to recruit more former AMD employees to leave the company. While we really hate to see people leave companies, especially ones as crucial as AMD sometimes its better that visionary people are allowed to have more influence in the industry as a whole with other companies.