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Second Major Mac Vulnerability Exposed Through Office


Just like the Flashback Trojan discovered a few weeks ago, which had been found to have infected over 600,000 Macs globally, this newest virus exploits a new vulnerability on Mac computers. While the Flashback virus was found to have exploited a Java vulnerability in Macs, this newest virus exploits a completely different part of the Mac OS pertaining to productivity.

This latest virus is found to infect users through word documents. The only way that one can actually obtain this virus is if the user actually downloads the word document and opens it. Once opened, the document will execute its commands and infect the computer as the word document is actually a malformed one with the virus embedded into it. The Flashback virus, though, actually required absolutely no participation on the user’s end as it embedded itself into the user’s system purely by the user browsing the internet and the virus taking advantage of a Java exploit. Java is a runtime

Apple has already patched the Flashback Trojan, but not until 600,000 computers had been infected. Hopefully, this time Apple will work with Microsoft to close this hole relatively quickly. Apple has a history of not being particularly open about vulnerabilities nor how many systems are actually infected. Their culture of denial is going to have to change as Macs become a larger part of the global PC market and more viruses are written for an operating system that was once billed as virus free.