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Dr No Says Yes To Amazon Book Deal


Like a martini in the James Bond series, Amazon?s deal with Ian Fleming Publications has both shaken and stirred the publishing industry.

James Bond books by Ian Fleming PublicationsAmazon signed an agreement which gives them exclusive North American rights to publish all 14 of the classic James Bond novels. They snagged both the print and digital rights for a period of 10 years. The competition will feel the shot aimed at their bottom line by the owner?s and now the new seller of the Man with the Golden Gun.

Several publishers and booksellers are feeling the hit. The Sony e-book store will be losing the ability they have had to sell digital Bond books. Penguin Group?s contract to the print rights for the English language versions expired last month. In steps Amazon because, according to the Wall Street Journal, Corinne Turner managing director of the company controlled by Ian Fleming?s heirs says:

"…we believe that their online abilities will bring our books to a much broader audience than we?ve had before."

Barnes and Noble is already upset with Amazon?s big footprint especially their exclusive deals. The well-known brick and mortar bookseller refuses to carry print books that Amazon publishes. The store chain may be shooting itself in the foot, since the print Bond books it now carries will soon be published by Amazon.

Dr No has said "Yes" to Amazon. Diamonds are Forever, but contracts aren’t apparently. Amazon is giving the other publishers the Goldfinger while they plan to Live, and Let Die their competition.