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BSN* Giveaway: The New Velociraptor 1 TB 10,000 RPM Hard Drive


As promised, we are continuing our giveaways with yet another giveaway as a way of giving back to our readers. We have partnered with Western Digital to give away one of their One Terabyte VelociRaptor hard drives which were recently released and reviewed by us. We are doing this giveaway for many reasons, one of which includes the fact that we have reviewed this hard drive and spent quite a bit of time with it and it received our seal of approval. As such, we requested that Western Digital give us a chance to let our readers try it out for themselves and the giveaway was born!

This giveaway is quite simple, as always, and all that we ask you to do is to ?like? BSN* on Facebook. In order to be eligible for the giveaway you must comment on our review of the Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB and say what you intend to install on this hard drive. If you do not plan to install anything to the drive itself, we would like to know which features of the drive is most appealing to you. If you don?t accomplish these three things you will not be eligible for the giveaway.

Once you have done that, you can also add us on our Steam Community Page and our Twitter and Google+ pages where we also post our latest stories to potentially improve your chances. We will be picking five random people from across these various social media networks, with ALL of them having to comment on our Vengeance Review Article. Without leaving a comment, we are unable to verify that you have actually entered in the contest. So, once again make sure that you leave a comment on our review first before doing anything else.

So, what are we giving away exactly?

We’re giving away one brand new, sealed in static bag Western Digital Velociraptor 1TB which currently retails for about $300 but most stores like Amazon and Newegg are not even carrying it yet.

This giveaway is GLOBAL there are NO region limitations. We at BSN* firmly believe that our readers are across the globe and as such the entire world should be eligible to win our prizes. In our last contest, we had winners from Europe to South America to The Philippines and The United States.

The deadline for entering in our giveaway will be Thursday May 10th, 2012 at 11:59PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
The winner will be drawn through a completely random giveaway generated through a combination of social media followers, posts, and comments on the review article stated above.
The winner will be published by Sunday May 13th 2012 at 11:59PM PST.
No purchase necessary.
The winner must contact us at giveaways at brightsideofnews dot com and they must respond within 48 hours of the winner being announced or their prize WILL be given away to someone else.

BSN* takes no responsibility for products that do not work or that have any issues. These products were provided to us by the manufacturer and both parties take no responsibility if a problem does occur. Any damages due to shipping must be levied with the shipping company and we provide this giveaway with no warranties. All products given away by Bright Side of News* and Bright Side Network, Inc. are provided as-is and carry no guarantees or warranties. Awards cannot be exchanged for any other currency. Under no circumstances is Bright Side Network, Inc. or are their employees liable for the organization of this giveaway. The goods are provided in good faith.

We at Bright Side of News* wish you the best of luck!