President Barack Obama to Applaud Jobs Created by GlobalFoundries Fab 8

Back when the plight of engineer Darin Wedel, the Texas out-of-work fellow, hit the news, GlobalFoundries was already in touch with the White House about creating jobs in America. They had opened their new Fab 8 semiconductor manufacturing facility in New York and were hiring everything from janitors to engineers. On May 8, they will welcome President Obama himself to New York?s Tech Valley.

The worldwide foundry company didn?t hire Mr. Wedel. It has been reported that he refused to leave his hometown in Texas to obtain work. Maybe he didn?t want a job as much as his wife wanted him to get one. However, many graduates from the local College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) and applicants from across the country have landed positions with GlobalFoundries and other large firms such as GE and IBM in the Albany New York area.

President Obama visited with workers and officials at the GE plant in Schenectady New York Photo Credit: Skip Dickstein / Times Union

President Obama visited with workers and officials at the GE plant in Schenectady New York Photo Credit: Skip Dickstein / Times Union

President Obama, in a push across major colleges in the US, will be hosted by GlobalFoundries and CNSE at the State University of New York at Albany, an area revitalized by the manufacturing, research and development, and educational facilities going up around Saratoga County. Their success at creating new jobs highlights the President?s message of how to improve the US economy.

Ajit Manocha, CEO, GlobalFoundries said: "On behalf of our more than 12,000 employees worldwide, and our more than 1,500 employees in New York, I thank President Obama and leaders in this region for recognizing the impact our investments are making to create new jobs and develop upstate New York as a premier hub for the global economy."

Tech Valley encompasses 19 counties in eastern New York State from just south of Montreal to just north of New York City. It houses more than 200 high-tech companies, including many of the companies involved in the GlobalFoundries supply chain, such as Air Liquide, Applied Materials, ASML (lithography systems), KLA-Tencor (defect inspection and metrology products), M+W Group, Matheson Tri-Gas, and Tokyo Electron Limited.

KLA-Tencor employees competed in the Tour De Cure 2011

KLA-Tencor employees competed in the Tour De Cure 2011

Most of these companies have jobs waiting to be filled. KLA-Tencor who invites applicants "Whether you are an experienced professional or a new college graduate, choose where you’d like to work in the world and search our open positions." Just four of the many locations you can choose from are India, Europe, Taiwan, and the US.

M+W Group claims: "We are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees. Our teams bring outstanding expertise to every facet, from business and strategic planning to facility maintenance and operations."

Tokyo Electron

Tokyo Electron Limited?s Vickie Lee, Vice President of Human Resources says: "The integrity of our people creates the culture of Tokyo Electron, where each of us has a stake in the game and contributes to the continued success of the organization."

A Saratoga County Board of Supervisors / GlobalFoundries job fair

A Saratoga County Board of Supervisors / GlobalFoundries job fair

GlobalFoundries themselves created over a thousand new direct jobs with their Fab 8 project, many through Job Fairs as reported by BSN*. They created an additional 4,300 construction related jobs and established the largest private Project Labor Agreement in history, generating hundreds of millions of dollars of economic development throughout upstate New York.

President Obama may have been drawn to the region after noting that Forbes made it #4 on its annual list of Best Cities for Jobs in t
he US
and specifically recognizing the Fab 8 project as a key engine driving job creation and boosting economic activity in the region.

You can learn more about GlobalFoundries? efforts and success in helping our economy by tuning into the video of ABC World News with Diane Sawyer?s April 30 special Made in America series which featured the GlobalFoundries Fab 8 project.