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Until recently I wasn’t aware of and although interested in it, the site had not really meant that much to me. Then this weekend just past I took some time to browse some of the scores and comments from past employers. I was surprised. Mostly because occasional rants aside the comments I found were surprisingly fair ? and accurate. This got me thinking. Despite today’s labor laws and modern office practices some places to work for are just miserable.

I have been lucky in working with and for some really wonderful people. My experience has been fortunate indeed, but not always. Whilst browsing the site my son and his girlfriend took a look and then quickly grabbed the PC. They had no idea about either but swore they would not consider joining any company without checking first. Even if some of the sample sizes are small they said, the fact that someone feels so strongly to post is still relevant if the company size is small to medium. Fair point. One angry voice at Verizon isn’t the same as one amongst fifty at a boutique retailer.

What really caught my attention however was when at dinner I brought this up and a friend told me "oh yes, this is a huge problem, our CEO has a 31% rating and we’re having trouble hiring."  Mmmmm I thought. How can that be true in today’s economic environment? Then a friend sent me a presentation by Dr. Karie Willyerd called The 2020 Workplace. It shows that the next generation of Millennials are going to be 45% of the work force by 2015 and they want to work for mentors and care deeply about the empathy and support of a company’s management. Sure they want to be paid but money is no longer the primary concern.

To quote this from; "The reality is that today’s most talented workers are more independent than ever before and willing to push back when push comes to shove. It’s these workers, and their level of employee loyalty, that will impact the future success of companies, particularly as the economy starts to recover."

So I am beginning to wonder. LinkedIn has changed work forever by making us all startups that think of ourselves as independents, willing and able to adapt to changing environments and opportunities. Could it now be that employers and companies will start paying attention to how they respect, support and build teams in their organisations courtesy of

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Roy Taylor is a veteran executive in the tech industry. Roy was one of key executives at NVIDIA, creating and leading divisions in the company which drove the company to its leadership status. The start of NVIDIA in EMEA region, developer relations, The Way Its Meant To Be Played program, Telecom Relations (first Tegra design wins) were all driven by a charming Englishman who discovered his second youth in both sides of California. Currently serves as Executive Vice President and General Manager of MasterImage 3D and his vision is to bring glassless 3D to our hands in the forms of tablets and smartphones. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Techhollyood blog and via new Twitter account.