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New Hollywood Trend: Professional Tweet Doubles Sought

One of the benefits of working in Hollywood is that I do get to hear the occasional good piece of gossip. Today I found out that there is a new role for would be screenwriters ‘between jobs’ in Hollywood as professional tweeters. That’s right professional tweeters. Increasingly celebrities and their agents are starting to understand the importance of social media. Especially when Lady Gaga hit 20M followers.

Although some celebrities obviously tweet themselves and even seem to enjoy it, many more employ staff to manage their accounts, sometimes not so subtly. According to uber-blogger Shannon Albert there are certain techniques to make sure you are being tweeted by the celebrity themselves rather than staff. This is a big deal because who wants to feel that they are reading the thoughts and feelings of the star they love only to find out that in fact they are reading the musings of an assistant? Not many it seems.

So what’s a star to do when ones fans don’t want to read tweets from ones staff but there simply isn’t time in the day to take 20 seconds to tweet? Or worse still when you can’t think of something witty or insightful to say? Enter the rise of the professional tweeter. A "special someone" who is able to represent your persona and online brand and make your fans laugh and cry. Perhaps one day a super tweeter will emerge from behind their star to become a celebrity in his/her own right.

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