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Never Complain Online. Ever!


From what can be seen from reports Gene Morphis was an entirely respectable CFO. Married, 63 with two children at a successful company he looked as though he was living a great life. Until he got fired. Because unfortunately Gene could not refrain from tweeting and posting negative comments about his company and colleagues.

I believe that there are three reasons why you should never complain about colleagues, your company or your boss online.

1. You will get found out. No matter that you set up a false account and try to use IP blocking software. It does not matter. I promise you that some way, somehow what you do will get revealed. Why anyone any longer thinks they can truly remain anonymous is beyond me. Unless you want to go to these lengths. But even those will not protect you if you slip up and tell a friend or your behavior gets recognized.

2. No one wants to hear someone complain. Even your best friends can only listen to so much whining. Think of it this way you if would not go to a bar and spend the evening telling your friends about how miserable you are then why do it online? When faced with an unpleasant situation there are really only three solutions. Either fixes it, walk away or grin and bear it with the best good grace you can muster. Choose one of those and do so knowing you made a conscience decision and stick with it. Stop moaning.

3. You are hurting your personal brand. We live a world where full time employment is no longer guaranteed and we need to think of ourselves as our own startups. So how we appear online becomes of vital importance. Not only potential HR executives and bosses are looking. All those contacts you have on LinkedIn can see you, and not only your direct twitter followers but absolutely anyone on twitter who follows a hash tagged subject. None of us like complaining celebrities so why should anybody be different?

The good news is that being positive is entirely the opposite, so smile look on the bright side of life. A concept my friend Theo took to heart so much he named his popular website after it!

About the Author

Roy Taylor is a veteran executive in the tech industry. Roy was one of key executives at NVIDIA, creating and leading divisions in the company which drove the company to its leadership status. The start of NVIDIA in EMEA region, developer relations, The Way Its Meant To Be Played program, Telecom Relations (first Tegra design wins) were all driven by a charming Englishman who discovered his second youth in both sides of California. Currently serves as Executive Vice President and General Manager of MasterImage 3D and his vision is to bring glassless 3D to our hands in the forms of tablets and smartphones. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Techhollyood and via his new Twitter account.