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VIDEO: Future of NVIDIA at GTC 2012: Post Jen-Hsun Huang Keynote


Immeidately after Jen-Hsun Huang delivered the opening keynote of the GPU Technology Conference 2012 in Santa Clara, CA, a few dozen press were invited to participate in a question and answer session. We were one of the few press that caught it all on tape. Below, is the first part of three videos with the full question and answer session. Since each video is 20 minutes long, they do take quite some time to upload for your viewing. We apologize for not having the entire session uploaded but we will do our best to do so over the coming days.

Here we have the opening part of the session and Jen-Hsun Huang and Bill Dally as well as Jeff Brown and Phil Eisler. They fielded questions from everything ranging from Kepler and GK110 to GeForce GRID and cloud gaming. We at BSN* even posed a few questions to Jen-Hsun and the rest of the panel, so if you miss those in this video watch for them in the following video.

The main takeaways to get from this question and answer session were that NVIDIA is very serious about delivering GeForce GRID and is excited to work with companies like GAIKAI, but is not in an exclusive relationship. In addition to that, there was talk about both the K10 and K20 GPUs which further clarified the fact that K10 is a dual GK-104 TESLA card, the first of it’s kind. Jen-Hsun also confirmed that K10 is a 6+ billion transistor card since it features two 3 billion transistor GPUs. He also confirmed that K20 is a 7.1 billion transistor chip which is also known as GK110/GK-110. This card will be available later this year while any consumer products or Quadro cards are still TBA.