Where the Jobs Are

For some of my close friends struggling to find work this post may be irritating. I hope its inspirational. Even if some of the results below show the best prospects to be in mining or working for the Govt. Because it appears that in the USA at least jobs that went abroad may be returning. Whilst researching this to find the numbers to back up the assumption I found this website from last year. The data shows jobs lost/created from 2007 to 2009. It then shows the number of jobs created in 2010. Since the post goes into detail there?s not much to add there.

But what I did was to then take the data and put it into a chart so we could see the net change in jobs per industry. The results are below. Tomorrow I will go into more detail about why certain functions are returning (mainly design cycle reductions and raising living standards in Asia) but for now take a look at this chart of industry sector winners and losers (in the USA);

Job trends in the US

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