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AMD 2012 Mobile Strategy Revealed: Trinity Becomes Fusion A10


A rumor spreading like a Lithium-Ion battery fire was confirmed by BSN* this afternoon. We are withholding names to honor a commitment made to our sources.

A large, well-respected manufacturer of Ultrabook notebooks agreed to quietly recall all Ultrabooks sold to a major healthcare provider for their personnel. The reasons for the recall stem from high heat output from the back of the computer (hot enough to cause burns) and the occurrence of several battery fires. The units are being replaced with thicker and more standard notebook computers from the said manufacturer. The units, disliked by users, are relieved to hear of the units are being replaced.

As an interesting side note, this is the same health provider that Intel contracts out for many of their own employees.

BSN* Take
Power issues with the Ultrabook design has been an issue since the earliest of designs ? finding units shipped without a satisfactory solution is actionable.

Ultrabook is quietly headed for the dustbin – that’s a good thing for Intel either way?,