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Fast High Quality Image and Video Background Removal with CUDA


Many of us have experienced frustration when trying to cut an image in photoshop, trying to remove the foreground image from the background. It is a tedious process, and requires patience and concentration as one cuts carefully along each pixel edge.

There are a few ways to automate this process, but many of them are slow, and not necessarily accurate. Thanks to Timo Stich from NVIDIA, we have a way to automate this with incredible accuracy and by utilizing CUDA on a GPU, the time it takes to accomplish this is reduced by 90% when compared to a CPU.

The method for doing this requires a simple marking of what is foreground and what is background, the more marking that is done by the user, the more accurate the algorithm becomes, although it is exceptionally effective even with minimal marking.

This process works both with photos as well as video backgrounds that are static (unchanging). The results speak for themselves.