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Facebook Quietly Rolls Out Places Editor: Preparing to Take Location Seriously


In a bid to improve the usefulness and accuracy of their Facebook Places functionality, Facebook has enabled users to assist Facebook in editing locations’ listings.

With this feature, Facebook is now enabling users to help businesses and other places to improve the accuracy of their business listings. What this will enable users to do is to improve Facebook’s accuracy for places that may be listed incorrectly or that simply do not exist. This is a feature that has long needed improvement as many times people find themselves checking into the wrong business or place name because it was either typed incorrectly or because multiple people attempted to search for the place but there was no official listing. As a result, many users create their own listings and business and places find themselves with five or six different listings with people checking into the wrong listings.

With this feature, users and businesses alike will be able to improve the accuracy of listings and make Facebook’s check-in feature more useful for both parties and give it more competition against services like FourSquare. By extension, this could find Facebook getting more businesses online with their advertising program and actually make Facebook useful for businesses as a promotional tool. Much like FourSquare has done with American Express to give users discounts for checking in. Facebook already has such a program, but the adoption is very few and far between.