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CineGear 2012: Light Iron Brings Post TO Production


Light Iron Digital, a Hollywood-based facility specializing in digital media post production services, has been generating quite the buzz recently by bringing their state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions directly to a live set, before the footage ever reaches a cutting room floor.

Imagine the ability to have a powerful, mobile, file-based organizational suite and coloring ?lab? on a cinematic production, and immediately process and prepare your footage for editing on the same day.

Light Iron has engineered three available platforms from the ground up: The LILY PAD, their on-set creative suite, acts as a highly mobile, initial file backup and QC system, offering quick coloring and organizational functionality to prepare same-day dailies. The LILY PAD then passes off its content and creative choices to the OUTPOST cart. The OUTPOST, which is literally a full processing lab on wheels, can back up and transcode footage of any format in triplicate, provide in-depth color manipulation, create editorial deliverables, and provide live, streamable dailies to an iPad with their LIVEPLAY app, all at impressive speed. The LILY PAD CASE is an ultraportable solution to provide productions with similar backup, creative, and connectivity solutions in a case the size of carry-on luggage.

All three of these platforms provide terabytes upon terabytes of redundancy disk or tape-based storage, checksums of all data transfers, external monitoring, color space management, cataloging, and more. Rather than attempting to fully explain these systems through a wall of text, check out the video below hosted by Michael Cioni, CEO of Light Iron, as his team demonstrates this entire process live – in one single take:

Not only are these powerful systems already being put to use by major studio productions, but they have exclusively been a file-based mastering facility for post-production. At CineGear Expo 2012, Light Iron introduced their OUTPOST Enterprise leasing program, which will provide their platforms to members with workflow consultation and support benefits, whom will only have to pay flat rates for the days of use. These digital imaging technicians can then charge their own rates for their services while using Light Iron gear.

With these services, Light Iron believes that, ?post is production? and aims to empower filmmakers by utilizing the immediate-feedback nature of digital cinematography to its fullest. As technology advances, they will continue to strive at the forefront of file-based workflows, during the ongoing major shift in the entertainment industry from film to digital.

About Light Iron
Light Iron is a Hollywood-based post production facility that specializes in on-site dailies, digital intermediate, archival, and data services for projects originated on file-based motion cameras. The company offers services for feature film, episodic television, and web-bound projects at both the independent and studio level. Recent credits include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (digital intermediate), The Amazing Spider-Man (OUTPOST on-set data services), and Criminal Minds (on set data services). Learn more about the OUTPOST Enterprise program here.