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VIDEO: An Interview with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games

Back in March we caught up with Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, to talk about the state of the game industry and to chat about what emerging technologies were most interesting as well as to talk about some technologies that aren’t even in games.

If you’re interested in hearing one of the legends of the game industry give some really insightful thoughts, sit back and relax. There are certainly some great ideas and perhaps, one of the best has to do with PC gaming.

After that interview we got a few really good takeaways, there is no doubt that a company like Epic Games has been focusing quite a bit of their effort and dollars on consoles in the past. But, there is also no doubt that PC gaming has definitely seen a strong resurgence, especially as a result of so many different MMOs and RTS games. Tim also touches on the fact that tools like Unreal Engine have enabled more indie developers to create new games with different concepts. The indie world of gaming is especially strong in the mobile market where games like Angry Birds have seen huge success with little to no graphical effort. But even games like Angry birds are starting to adopt aspects of real games with the addition of Angry Birds Space.

No matter what you believe, there is no doubt that gaming has become one of the most important mediums in today’s entertainment world. And arguably the most important entertainment medium in our current digital world.