MSI Stealth Chassis Catches Fire


This is a preview to our review of the MSI Stealth chassis. We will be offering more previews in the future, but this one is special due to the wide variety of issues we encountered along the way.

The first issue we noticed was that the packaging had a couple spelling errors: ?User Manual? was spelled ?User Manuel? and ?Shock Resistant? was spelled ?Shock Resistent?. MSI assured us this was an issue with their printer that has since been resolved, and only affected initial shipments of the chassis.

The second issue we noticed was that the USB 3.0 ports on the front panel of the chassis were sticking out and out of alignment and were permanently stuck in that position. We were told it was not an issue they had seen before, and were told it was likely damaged during shipping. We were also told this was one of the first batch of sample units they had, and would replace it with a retail mass production unit. However, the replacement also had the USB 3.0 ports partially sticking out, and slightly misaligned.



The third issue was the most significant. We installed the system into the chassis, and within a second of powering on the system, smoke started pouring out. We opened up the chassis, and tried again to see what was smoking (our initial guesses were the power supply or motherboard as those are the two most likely culprits for smoke in a computer). We were baffled by the sight of the smoke emanating from just above the CD/DVD drive. We removed the CD/DVD drive and saw that the molex power connector to the front panel had caught fire, melted, and scorched the top of the CD/DVD drive. We still were concerned it was a power supply issue, and tested it using a Thermaltake Dr Power II. The power supply passed all tests, and worked fine with the computer outside of the chassis.

MSI believed that the combination of so many issues was due to damage during shipping. However, the USB 3.0 were firmly and permanently in their out of spec alignment, and the internals of the chassis were well protected, and did not appear damaged (other than the subsequent fire damage).

The replacement which was supposedly a retail mass production unit still had the spelling errors on the packaging, misaligned USB 3.0 ports, but thankfully did not catch fire. Our full review is forthcoming, and will address more issues with the chassis, as well as the positives.