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iBuypower Launches Valkyrie 17 Inch Gaming Powerhouse Laptop

Yesterday, iBuypower came out with their latest and greatest laptop offering. This laptop is the Valkyrie CZ-17, a 17 inch gaming laptop powerhouse packed with the latest and greatest technologies. The CZ-17 comes with a 17.3" 1080P display and features both Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors as well as NVIDIA’s latest Kepler mobile GPUs, which were recently announced at Computex in conjunction with a slew of Ultrabooks. It also comes standard with a blacklit keyboard and touch pad, as seen below.

While this laptop is by no means an Ultrabook by Intel’s definition, it is still without a doubt a powerhouse laptop. The laptop ships with the Intel Core i7 3610QM and is upgradeable to the Core i7 3820QM. Furthermore, it ships standard with 8GB of RAM and is upgradeable to 32GB. All RAM configurations from iBuypower come at the 1333MHz frequency, which is a little bit disappointing. In addition to that, there are two models of the CZ-17 with both shipping with the standard GTX 670M (even though the PR release mentions GTX 670 and GTX 675).

The nice thing about this laptop is that iBuypower doesn’t necessarily lock you in with your storage decisions. With their laptop you can install two hard drives and you can effectively pick whether or not you want to go with dual SSDs or an SSD and a hard drive or two hard drives for maximum capacity. Because of the price and specifications of this system, iBuypower enables you to basically build it how you like it for a very reasonable price. There is, however, no mention of RAID setups, so there’s a chance that you would be better off going with an SSD + HDD solution.

If there is one thing that is certainly inspired about this laptop it is the fact that it isn’t yet another Clevo repackaged laptop. The only thing is that it reminds us of ASUS’ old ROG series gaming laptops and looks a lot like their G71 series of laptops. Like a lot.

This laptop also has a few additional features like an 8x dual format DVD writer. In our opinion, physical media is basically dead, so it would be a nice option to opt out of the DVD drive and to get $20-$30 back and reduce the weight of the laptop and even possibly add an option for a third hard drive. It also has a 4-in-1 media card reader and a Killer E2200 gaming network card, which means that this laptop is capable of some very low latency gaming when wired directly into the network. The final option that iBuypower offers with this laptop is wireless LAN, which in this case comes standard with a b/g/n + bluetooth combo card, but is upgradeable to Intel’s N6235 and N6300 wireless network adapters. We highly recommend considering this upgrade as it will vastly improve your wireless signal strength and wireless gaming ability. Perhaps, in the future, iBuypower can consider installing Qualcomm’s Killer Gaming 1200 wireless module for real low latency gaming.

The less expensive model ships for $1299, while the more expensive model ships for $1639.