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UPLINQ 2012: Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon SDK for Android

In preparation to the beginning of Qualcomm’s developer conference tomorrow, Qualcomm has pre-announced their Snapdragon SDK for Android.  This SDK will enable developers to more freely access next-generation technology using APIs specific to Snapdragon processors. Initially, the SDK will only be supported with Qualcomm’s latest S4 snapdragon processor, the S4 8960 and is anticipated to support future Snapdragon processors across multiple tiers over time. Note that Qualcomm is not going to support any processors that have come out before the S4 8960, which means that developers will have to only be forward looking with the Snapdragon SDK.

Since the Snapdragon SDK for Android will support the S4 8960, both of Qualcomm’s most current developer platform devices will be fully supported. Both the Snapdragon S4 MDP Smartphone as well as the Snapdragon S4 MD Tablet will enable developers to fully utilize the new Snapdragon Android SDK and to test their applications thoroughly on the mobile development platforms before deploying applications with new Snapdragon APIs.

The new features of the Snapdragon APIs in the preview release of the SDK (available today) are a long laundry list of features. The most notable ones are facial processing, burst photo capture, surround sound recording, hardware echo cancellation, sensor gestures (like what we saw at CES on the MDP tablet) and improved indoor location. With the combination of these APIs under one chip and one SDK, there is no doubt that we will see more developers utilizing these features in their applications and more consumers will be able to consider these features standard rather than something unique.

A preview release of the SDK is now available on Qualcomm’s developer site and the full SDK will be available to device manufacturers and developers in the coming months.