AMD to Launch A-Series APU Product Review Program?


Today, AMD made an announcement on one of their blogs about their involvement in this year’s Comicon. They announced that they would be at Comicon this year again, much like last year, and would be setting up shop this time inside of the Belo club downtown and would have a ton of games available.

The new announcement, however, also mentioned a new program that integrates AMD’s latest products with social media. AMD’s statement goes as follows, "In addition to all of these games there will be lots of swag and grade ?A? goods being given out. Also, make sure to take the time and register to be part of AMD?s New Exclusive A-Series APU Product Review Program where we will be handing out hundreds of APUs in exchange for a simple tweet and feedback on the product at a later date."

As you can tell from AMD’s short mention, you can start signing up for this program at their booth/suite at Comicon, however, you will have to provide some short feedback to AMD. This appears to be part of their gaming initiative to promote their APUs in gaming and to make their processors more visible to gamers than they have been in the past. Hopefully they will make a broader announcement about this program so more gamers can get free CPUs. We have contacted AMD for more details and will update this story with more details once they get back to us.