Comic-Con 2012 Preview Night

Today was the first unofficial day of Comic-Con where they allow for people to go to a ‘Preview Night’ where special attendees, press, and people with full four day passes can go around and roam around the floor with what is supposed to be a lighter amount of foot traffic.

During Preview Night, we found ourselves roaming about the floor looking at what different booths had to offer as well as some of the costumes that people had on. Some of the most astonishing things we saw were the lines of people camping out outside for the Twilight Panel on Thursday. We also saw some interesting booths and a really amazing exhibit in the Gaslamp district where all of the art had a superhero theme and some of the paintings were for sale as t-shirts selling for $34 with $30 going towards charity.

Without further delay, here are some pictures of Preview Night, the rest will be posted to our Facebook Page.

Car from Total Recall remake

ABC TV show about aliens living in suburbia

Life Size Trolls

Optimus Prime for Hasbro’s booth

Full Jedi costumes that you can wear

The Normal Show’s booth

Capcom’s booth with Resident Evil 6

Xbox’s booth where you can play Halo 4

Bandai’s booth with lots of Power Rangers gear

Here is a continuation of our photos, we will have more posted on our Facebook Page.

TV show promotional displays

Sony showing off their head mounted widescreen display designed to emulate 150" screens

Walking Dead videogame

People waiting in line for the Twilight Panel on Thursday

Even the pedicabs are in the spirit

Lego Catwoman

Awesome Art