Brits Are Frugal, Germans Are Paperbound, Americans Are Online


If you are German, chances are you aren’t reading this. A study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford characterized how the public accesses their news. Germans apparently prefer their news the old fashioned hard copy way – in print.

Mobile devices access breaking news immediately

Mobile devices access breaking news immediately

Britons and people in the US are more likely to be online looking for the latest news. Breaking news shows up on their computers, mobile phones, and tablets long before it hits the newsstands or comes out of the mouth of a reporter on an evening TV program..

However, of the five countries studied, UK, US, Germany, Denmark and France, those Brits are not so willing to pay for that online news. The Danes seem more ready to open their wallets to get online access. Seven out of ten Germans who still cling to ink and paper for delivery of their news willingly pay a few Euros at the local newsstand.

Not surprisingly, youngsters don’t watch much TV news or listen to radio broadcasts, preferring to access news on their mobile devices. In the UK, more than 55 percent surveyed use Facebook to share news with friends. Twitter falls behind plain old ordinary email in popularity for spreading the news. Must be that murder and mayhem take more than 140 characters to report.