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Review: MHL to HDMI Adapter by ACCELL

If you have a smartphone or tablet, chances are have some seriously rich content on it. Wouldn?t it be nice if you can view that content on your HDTV or home theater screen? Well now you can. The Accell MHL adapter lets you do that with great ease, no apps or software necessary, just add an HDMI cable and your TV becomes an external, high definition display for your device. Through this link your TV becomes a full-fledged, external, high-definition monitor so everything you see on your phone is displayed on the big screen. Videos, photos, web content and even animations such as flipping between screens and pictures are displayed in up to 1080p resolution. You can even play your music through your TV, or connect to an HDMI input in your home theater receiver and get full 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound out of your little pocket device.

MHL stands for ?Mobile High-Definition Link? and it is a standard that was developed by Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba initially. The MHL specification is an HD video and digital audio interface for connecting mobile devices to HDTVs. It supports 1080p HD video and digital audio while simultaneously providing power to the connected mobile device. In some cases, it also enables the TV remote to control the mobile phone and access its contents.

Accell?s MHL to HDMI Adapter product sells for around $19 and it works brilliantly. All animations and full motion, high-definition video is displayed without lag or stutters. Even Youtube videos looked and sounded great on our setup. What was our setup? We tested this product using an HTC Evo 3D smartphone, connected it to a Pioneer Elite A/V receiver that was outputting to a Mitsubishi 1080p projector and 5.1 home theater sound system (5 speakers plus subwoofer). We also tested with a direct connection to a Samsung 55? LED HDTV. We played photos, various Youtube videos and a ?Dark Knight Rises? trailer in 1080p. The only down side is that we had to connect the phone?s charger into the MHL adapter for it to work. This is not really a negative though. Today?s smartphones are all guilty of poor battery life, and since there is increased power draw when something is connected to the phone?s microUSB/MHL port you might as well be charging it at the same time.
Accell claims this adapter is fully MHL 1.1 certified and compliant so it should work with any MHL-enabled smartphone or tablet (though we only tested with the HTC Evo 3D). Officially, the adapter supports video resolutions of 1080i/60Hz or 1080p/30Hz and multi-channel digital audio. The Accell MHL adapter is small and practically weightless, making it easy to carry. It is the perfect add-on to any MHL enabled device. Whether you want connect at home or while traveling, this adapter is a must-have.