Woot Launches Tech.Woot.com a Tech Hardware Focused Deal Page

Woot.com is a daily deal site that predated sites like Groupon and Livingsocial and focused primarily on products rather than services. Over the years, they’ve expanded their inventory to sell daily deals with things that didn’t really cater to their original audience but still filled a need expressed by the market. Today they are launching their tech focused site, tech.woot.com.

Over the years, Woot.com added a shirt.woot website as well as a wine.woot website which were soon followed by a kids.woot website and a sellout.woot website which was born out of a joint venture between Yahoo and Woot where a Woot deal would be featured on Yahoo’s website in order to gain more attention. As you can imagine, some people would have considered this ‘selling-out’ so Woot simply called it sellout.woot. They also have a sport.woot webpage which focuses on indoor and outdoor sports.

Personally, I have been a long time shopper of Woot.com and have purchased many an item from their website. In the beginning, most of what was purchased from Woot was already tech hardware or geeky t-shirts. Now that they’ve expanded their scope with the acquisition by Amazon of Woot, which happened two years ago. Amazon is able to effectively use Woot.com as their clearing house for products that don’t quite sell on Amazon.com or refurbished merchandise that a retailer may want to get rid of.

Generally speaking, most items purchased off Woot are pretty decent deals and occasionally they will sell refurbished items, so we highly recommend making sure you are aware of what you are buying. Furthermore, on occasion, Woot will have a thing called a Woot-Off where the site has multiple deals for a single day but will only to continue to sell those things until they completely run out of their supply of those items. Also, during these Woot-Offs there are occasionally items called ‘Bags of Crap’ which you can purchase. These Bags of Crap essentially amount to a box of random items that they may be have lying around, they could be anything ranging from a toe nail clipper to a big screen HDTV. The lure of these bags of crap is that they’re extremely cheap and will go extremely quickly and there’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding them.

Even taking all of that into account, it’s good to see that Woot recognizes that they need to get back to their roots and what originally made them successful and hopefully we will be seeing more deals like today’s Razer Nostromo Game Pad.