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ROCCAT Kone+ Review: Exceptional Software, Decent Hardware, Bad Support


Today we are taking a look at the Roccat Kone+ mouse. The Kone+ comes in nice, solid packaging, which includes the manual, software, and extra mouse weights.

The mouse fits well in the hand, and has a total of 5 buttons as well as left click, right click, scroll wheel with center click , left, and right for a total of 10 buttons/clickers.

Here are the Kone+ Specifications:

  • Interface – USB
  • Hand Orientation – Right Hand
  • Tracking Method – Laser
  • Buttons – 8
  • Scrolling Capability – Tilt Wheel
  • Color – Black
  • Maximum dpi – 6000 dpi

Where the mouse really shines is in the software. The Roccat Kone+ Mouse Settings menu is truly exceptional in the market. It allows the user to do whatever they can imagine with the mouse. The macros are very easy to program, and can add clicks, delays, etc with no issues. It also has a variety of pre-programmed macros available, organized by their specific game or application.

Another feature the Kone+ has is the array of EasyShift functions one can assign to a button. EasyShift allows the user to have more macros than the mouse has buttons by acting like a ?Shift? key modifier, e.g. if you have a button programmed to attack click in Starcraft II for example, if you hold the EasyShift button while you press the button, it could do something else, like Flare. There is also EasyAim, which is a great feature for FPSes (first person shooters). EasyAim allows the player to play with a high sensitivity, and hold the EasyAim button to drop to a lower DPI to make careful aiming easier. Alternatively, one could play on a lower sensitivity, and use the EasyAim button to increase their DPI in order to turn quickly.

However, EasyShift can only be applied to either of the two left buttons, and EasyAim is only really practical on the two side buttons, which leads to one of the only complaints we have of this mouse. The left side buttons are placed relatively high on the mouse, which means in games, the user has to shift their grip in order to press either button, a shift which causes inaccuracy especially in shooters, which unfortunately defeats the purpose of EasyAim. We recommend having a button designed for EasyAim where the tip of even first knuckle of a user?s thumb would be, as it would provide a more natural feel, and therefore more usability.
The mouse can hold up to 5 different profiles at one time, which can be exported or imported at will, and users can choose to have profiles automatically switch based on an application launching or let the users switch manually. Users can also set profile that is default for Windows.

We played primarily Starcraft II, a custom game for Starcraft II called Battlecraft, and Battlefield 3. The mouse functioned perfectly in all games, and its features were exceptionally useful in Starcraft and Battlecraft, but less useful in Battlefield 3, due to the issue with reaching EasyAim buttons. We did have an issue we mentioned in the preview for this mouse with the scroll wheel (apparently a common issue with the Kone+), but in over a month of using the replacement mouse, we have not noticed any degradation. Also, as an afterthought, we thought we should mention we never did get a reply from Roccat?s technical support.

Overall, we highly recommend this mouse for non-FPS gamers, as the customizability and software options are unparalleled. We recommend FPS gamers wait until a possible future iteration of the mouse with better placed EasyAim buttons.The mouse currently sells for between $69-$89, and it?s well worth the money. Although there are two reasons a buyer should be wary: The scroll wheel issue we encountered appears to be somewhat common with the mouse, although that might have been resolved by the time of this writing. If it has not been, it is a luck of the draw whether it is a perfect mouse or one with the scroll wheel defect. Unfortunately, Roccat?s tech support is totally unresponsive, so any issues with the mouse would likely be have to dealt with through the retailer it was purchased from. Secondly, Roccat has already announced the next iteration of the Kone series, the Kone XTD, which will have improvements over the Kone+. If you need a mouse now, and you need the most out of your customization options, we highly recommend the Roccat Kone+.