AT&T Suffers Massive Outages

My DSL has been falling off line for the past several days. Today it quit working completely. You know how it is when you think it?s your fault ? this time it?s not.

AT&T is suffering a rolling blackout at all levels digital. It started this morning in the Northeast propagating to the Midwest then West. There?s no response from management regarding what is responsible for the rolling blackout. Is this the result of an unreported Coronal Mass Ejection or just that AT&T has been more than a little lax on investing in their networks and equipment?

BSN* Take

This will certainly be an attention getter for both investors and potential AT&T customers. Dependability is the word going forward into the fourth generation devices and events like this are cause for concern if not open alarm. Could it be that the reconstituted phone monopoly is showing that there is plenty of opportunity for their competitors?