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Rightware Launches New Basemark GUI Benchmark


Rightware has, today, launched their latest benchmark in the Android Store/Google Play. This new benchmark, Basemark GUI is a benchmark intended to offer a real graphical user interface (GUI) benchmark for application developers and consumers that want to measure how fast their device performs in GUIs. Basemark GUI Free, the free Android Market version of this application measures the 3D graphics render performance of a device’s GPU, while focusing on vertex streaming and blending capabilities.

The benchmark itself provides two scores which are compiled from a series of different tests that are run at two different resolutions. One benchmark runs the tests at the native resolution of the device, regardless of the GPU’s full potential. The second benchmark runs the tests at a 720P resolution in order to measure the raw performance of the GPU regardless of the resolution of the device. The first score is intended to give users their real world experience score on the device itself, while the second score is a metric of overall GPU performance in GUI scenarios.

After doing so, users can go online and check their scores against other devices, including the exact same device as well as competing devices. Since Basemark GUI Free runs on anything Android 2.1 or newer we decided to run it on our Samsung Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile with a Qualcomm MSM8960 against our HTC One X Global with an Nvidia Tegra 3.

Based upon our quick tests, the HTC One X with the Tegra 3 scored 42.72 in the on screen test and 77.32 in the off screen test. Our Samsung Galaxy S3 scored 54.87 in the on screen test and 81.41 in the off screen test. We haven’t had a chance to test this on the APQ8064 quite yet, however we will be bringing you some exclusive tests on that platform for another benchmark soon. Qualcomm’s dual-core beats Nvidia’s quad-core in our findings, and the interesting part is that the performance differential is actually narrower in the off screen test than it is in the onscreen test even though the resolution of the two devices is effectively identical on and off screen since both phones are 720P displays.

Looking at our results, it appears as though the Qualcomm MSM8960 is a faster phone when it comes to GUI GPU performance, however, we’re not entirely sure that we like the way that Rightware ranks the scores, taking the higher score of the two, the off screen, and making a comparison with other devices that way. If this benchmark is really intended to give users the measurement of real world GUI experience, they should be using the on screen test score as a comparison metric. After all, off screen is completely display resolution independent and that isn’t necessarily an accurate measurement of real world performance.