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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Released Today! BSN* Has Keys to Give Away!


Today marks the day that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is released. This game has been in the works since the last Counter Strike game came out by the name of Counter Strike: Source which was based off of the original iteration of the Source Engine from Valve. For those that don’t know the history, Counter Strike actually started out as a simple mod for the Half Life game which eventually got wound into Valve’s repertoire of games.

In our article detailing how Valve would save PC gaming, we mentioned that Counter Strike: Global Offensive would be one of the many steps that Valve would take towards changing the PC gaming industry and fueling a renaissance of PC gaming. One of the main assertions for that was that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a $15 game, which basically makes it accessible to anyone that really wants to play a first person shooter. When you consider the fact that most FPS games nowadays cost between $49 and $59, a $15 game should theoretically increase the amount of games sold across he board. What else? Oh, its also cross platform. This game will be available on PC, Mac, Xbox and PS3, all for $15.

Today, the PC and Mac versions were made available to people who wanted to use their keys to activate the game and download it. This brought us to another awesome point that we noticed today when activating our copy. We already had the beta from many months ago and upon entering the key for the full version of the game we didn’t have to download anything. The full game was already built into the beta and you didn’t have to wait for any additional downloads. This simply further exemplifies Valve’s sheer genius. We applaud them for actually making the beta so similar to the finished game that anyone that participated in the beta doesn’t have to download any additional content. Simply awesome. In addition to that, the Xbox and PS3 versions will be unlocked by tomorrow as soon as tonight.

Now, for the even more awesome part. Because we’ve been working so closely with Valve and they’re just so giving… we’ll be giving away 10 keys for Counter Strike: Global Offensive to our readers. The giveaway should launch sometime this week, but we already have the keys. This isn’t going to be the only give away we do this week, but it will be one of the better ones.