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Intel Opens Offices in San Diego to Poach Qualcomm Talent?


When I first moved to San Diego, I was young and very much into technology. There was an Intel office down the road from me and I was more than excited to intern there once the time had come to do so. However, after Intel’s restructuring, they had only left a sales presence in San Diego and closed all engineering operations. Now, it seems, that Intel is reopening their engineering operations in San Diego, however, with a much more specific focus.

Intel is now hiring a project manager to assist in the facilities build out of two locations, San Diego and Denver. The San Diego location is a new location, and the Denver one could either be existing operations or to build out the two existing locations (Fort Collins and Longmont) in Colorado. In addition to that, they’ve posted a job listing to Github for the Intel Mobile and Communications group hiring experienced engineers in San Diego. These engineers would be part of Intel’s Architecture Group for mobile. It states,
"The following positions are the job profiles that represent the current opportunities in San Diego, CA. Experience in LTE, 2G/3G/4G, WCDMA, 3GPP, etc. is required. ? Software Engineers and Architects ? Systems Engineers ? Firmware Engineers ? Modem System Verification."

In addition to that, Intel has also recently posted jobs on their site for a Modem Quality Manager, which is in addition to their posting earlier this month as an open call for people to apply, similar to their Github posting. Even though Intel does the majority of their modem engineering work in Germany, they are still hiring people to a new office in San Diego.

Intel even lists the office on their official site with all of the other locations in the US. The reason why we say that Intel is trying to poach Qualcomm engineers is because one of the people that work’s at Intel’s new San Diego Office, Chris McGuire, doesn’t even have himself listed as in San Diego even though his Facebook and Foursquare indicate otherwise. Another reason why we say Intel is trying to poach Qualcomm engineers is because of the positions that they’re recruiting for are part of Qualcomm’s very expertise. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to get people that live and work in San Diego to work for you if they don’t have to leave San Diego. It’s really hard to get people to leave San Diego for another city, trust me, I know.