Qualcomm Confirms Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 will be in LG Optimus G


The rumormill around LG’s latest rumored phone, the LG Optimus G, has continued to spin this summer. The latest rumor about this phone has been confirmed that Qualcomm and not Nvidia will be powering this phone with their quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. The phone is already in production and Qualcomm is already supplying LG with the chips that they need to build these phones.

The phones themselves are rumored to be 4.7" 720P IPS displays with 2GB of RAM with a 13MP camera to boot. There’s no word on the overall weight of the device nor the battery life, however, having a quad-core Krait based processor combined with an Adreno 320 GPU should prove to be a deadly combination for any current competitor as we’ve seen in some of the latest benchmarks. The combination of the APQ8064 and MDM9615 modem means that this phone will have LTE and some impressive performance as well as battery life, but still not as good of battery life as a wholly integrated SoC and baseband solution which should be expected sometime in 2013.

Tomorrow we will be bringing you some APQ8064 benchmarks comparing it against the Tegra 3 in GLBenchmark 2.5 so you can see how much faster the Snapdragon chip really is. Hopefully, Nvidia will release Tegra 4 soon so that we can have more competition with Qualcomm.

The nice thing about this phone is that since it is already in production and will be sold in Korea in September, Qualcomm is actually slightly ahead of schedule of their roadmap delivering smartphones with Snapdragon S4 quad-cores in calendar 3Q 2012 instead of 4Q 2012. Admittedly, most devices with their new quad-cores will be shipping in 4Q 2012, however, having something ahead of schedule is always a good sign. After these phones are sold in Korea, they will be sold globally in volume shortly thereafter.