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Samsung Announces the Galaxy Camera at IFA Berlin 2012


At today’s Samsung press conference at IFA Berlin 2012, Samsung announced a slew of mobile devices ranging from new Windows 8 convertible laptops to smartphones and new device categories. The newest and most unique device that Samsung has come out with is the Samsung Galaxy Camera. This comes on the heels of Nikon’s and Kodak’s offerings, both of whom ship with outdated versions of the Android operating system, which we believe to be a major setback for those devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a 16 megapixel point and shoot camera that has all the features of a really nice point and shoot camera mixed in with all connected camera options of a smartphone. The Galaxy Camera is able to do this because it runs Android 4.1 also known as Jelly Bean. This means that users using the Galaxy Camera will be getting the latest, greatest, and smoothest Android experience available. In addition to that, the Galaxy Camera has Wi-Fi and 3G/4G functionality enabling you to instantly upload your photos to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram. Yes, Instagram.

The camera features applications like Instagram that enable you to take your already fantastic quality 16MP photos and downgrade them through Instagram into low resolution poor fidelity photos for sharing on Instagram. While this may be an annoying functionality of the device for anyone that appreciates photography, there are many other features involving custom camera settings that enable some higher quality photography.

In addition to running Android Jelly Bean and having 16MP capability and 4G LTE connectivity, the device also features a snappy quad-core processor. While Samsung wasn’t necessarily specific with what kind of a quad-core it would be, there’s a very good chance that Samsung will go with their own Exynos processors. Also, in terms of display, the Samsung Galaxy Camera will have an edge to edge 4.8" LCD display featuring a 1280×720 resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is expected to be available this holiday season, 4Q 2012.