APU a Day Giveaway Day Three


Congratulations to Alan T. for winning our second day of our APU a Day Giveaway! He has won one AMD A8-3870K and an 8GB Kit of HyperX RED RAM from Kingston. Alan, Please contact us at giveaways at brightsideofnews dot com to claim your prize.

Continuing the contest, we have devised yet another question for you guys to answer. This time, we want to know about the AMD A8-3870K’s overclocking ability. We want to know what the highest recorded clockspeed for the A8-3870K is, and who obtained it. Bonus points for posting any screenshots of your own overclocks and showing us what you’ve got!

If you don’t know where to look for overclocking benchmark results and world records, we recommend you check out the site HWBot.Org

As usual, please leave your comments below and you will become eligible for the contest as long as you follow the parameters asked of you by the contest in our original article. Remember to follow the instructions that we posted in our original article in order to be eligible for the daily giveaway.

All of the rules are posted in the original article and as always, we wish you the best of luck!