Counter Strike: Global Offensive Winners Announced!


As we promised in our original giveaway announcement, we would be picking ten winners of retail keys of Valve’s latest game , Counter Strike: Global Offensive which came out only a few weeks ago. We wanted to make sure that our readers were interested in the giveaway so we asked you guys to answer a simple question asking which BSN* article you enjoyed the most. All of you guys gave some very valuable feedback and we really appreciate all of the praise you guys have given us as well as any criticisms.

Based upon your comments, of which 120 were left, we have picked the following winners of BSN* and Valve’s retail key giveaway!

The winners are:

Josh Taylor
Abdu Adam
Carla Weyers
Jack Gohler
Brian Webb
Gerry Mann
Craig Fender
Thomas Peters
Reyvie Funte
Andrei Pervychine

Congratulations on your winning! In order to claim your prizes, you must email us at giveaways at brightsideofnews dot com within 48 hours of the posting of this article. You must also confirm your identity via social media as well.

Thank you and don’t forget we have our APU a Day Giveaway running right now and we will be announcing the winner of Day 4 and announcing Day 5 tomorrow!