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Derek Perez, Ex-NVIDIA PR Executive Joins RightWare


The progressive approach of 3D games changed quite a few industries, especially in the field of visualization. It is of no secret that today quite a few R&D units license 3D engines from companies such as Epic Games and id Software for visualization purposes. Similar approach goes to companies such as Adobe and Autodesk, that had to change their applications in order to take advantage of contemporary 3D hardware, optimized for – computer games.

Derek Perez on LinkedIn

However, there are some industries where the user experience development is a highly complicated affair. Good examples are automotive, airliner or even consumer electronics industries. Rightware’s Kanzi proved to be a winning UI design tool for Volkswagen Audi Group, jumpstarting the NVIDIA Automotive business. The latter expanded to BMW Group as well, and is probably negotiating with numerous companies.

There’s one matter holding the company back, though – and that one is the public perception. In order to shift things into the higher gear, we received word that Derek Perez, former PR Director at NVIDIA Corporation joined the company. With this move, Derek is rejoining with Roy Taylor, former VP at NVIDIA who was known as the "big gun" through all the GeForce vs. Radeon vs. Intel battles for the better part of the first decade in the 21st century. In 2009, Derek left NVIDIA to realize his dream and become Director of Corporate Communications for the Nashville Predators, an NHL team.

To us, there’s no doubt that he has an uphill battle ahead, highlighting all the Rightware advantages in the long-life, long-lead time industries. It’s a steep battle, but combining Derek with Roy should bring fireworks into the stale industry of user interface design. After all, as the old formula goes – "UI (User Interface) drives the UX (User Experience) drives the sales of hardware and software."

In any case, we wish Derek a happy return to the 3D industry and all the best in his future endeavors.