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Samsung Ships 20 Million Samsung Galaxy S3 Phones in 100 Days


Samsung, today announced, that they had broken over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3 phones sold globally. This represents a continuation of their astonishing feat of selling 10 million in 55 days a few months ago. What this comes down to is that Samsung is selling, on average, 200,000 Galaxy S3 phones globally PER DAY.

When you consider the fact that Eric Schmidt recently announced that Android had reached 1.3 million activations per day, that means that the Samsung Galaxy S3 alone accounts for over seven percent of all Android device shipments worldwide, a single device. This announcement and further analysis indicates that the Samsung v Apple court case really does come down to the fact that this battle is really a proxy war between Google and Apple. In addition to that, Apple recently added the Samsung Galaxy S3 to their lawsuit against Samsung where they won a questionable initial claim of $1 billion USD. While much of the lawsuit in our opinion is frivolous, there is no doubt that some of Apple’s claims are legitimate. However, the claims that are legitimate should not affect the Android operating system or ecosystem at all.

Getting back to Samsung, we recently talked about how Samsung was eating away at the yet to be released iPhone 5’s sales. This new announcement of Samsung only further reinforces that Samsung’s devices are getting more and more popular and more and more recognition. It took Samsung 55 days to sell 10 million phones and only 45 more to sell 20 million, that’s an acceleration over time rather than a deceleration. That indicates that in the past month and a half Samsung has only been gaining momentum rather than losing it as we near the iPhone 5 launch.

Frankly, if Samsung has sold 20 million Galaxy S3 phones it is almost safe to say that Apple lost a few million sales. The real test will be as we near the holiday season after the hype of the iPhone 5 launch has subsided. The iPhone 5 is going to be launching with one competitor already having sold 20 million phones and other competitors launching a month after it (Samsung ATIV S and Nokia Lumia phones). By the looks of it, Samsung has quite the head start on everyone else and it will be hard for Apple to catch up and beat Samsung over the course of 3 months. We believe that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be the best selling phone of 2012, which could potentially make Apple look bad after having dominated smartphone sales for so many consecutive years.