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Open Source Smartphone: Can Mozilla Firefox Endanger Apple, Google or Microsoft?

During the ARM press mixer held at Racepoint Group HQ in San Francisco, we sat down with Dr. Andreas Gal and Mike Manning from Mozilla Foundation e.g. Mozilla Corporation. In a long conversation, we gained quite a lot of insight into the way how Mozilla Foundation works, in pair with this wholly-owned subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation.

First and foremost, the key focus for Mozilla Foundation is Open Source. The non-profit organization and its commercial subsidiary work day and night on expanding the reach of its key technologies such as Firefox, Thunderbird, and others.

One of the projects that recently gathered pace is Boot-to-Gecko. The idea of writing an operating system in HTML5 is definitely a very ambitious one, but the Foundation is pretty focused on making this a reality. The fruit of that labor is Firefox OS, a mobile operating system targeting mobile devices for emerging markets. Unlike closed ecosystems such as the Apple iOS (with its iTunes) or Google Play, Mozilla Foundation does not want to censor the content which comes with its applications.

The targeted devices do not belong to the superphone, but rather to redefine the $50 category – how to offer a smartphone at the price which is lower than the most affordable Android, Windows or iOS phone. As you can see in the exclusive video below, the first fruit of their labor is collaboration with Chinese ZTE. The foundation already has local telecom partner, and the development of the prototype phone is targeting markets in the BRICA. Without further delay, click play and see what Mozilla will bring to market. Bear in mind that this fully functional phone is mere $50. Is that too much or quite the good price.. it will be up to you to decide. The phone itself arrives sometimes in the 2013.