APU a Day Giveaway: Day 10 and then some…

During this third week of our APU a Day giveaway, we would like to apologize for not keeping on top of the contest and letting Intel’s IDF and AMD’s events get in the way. To make it up to you this Friday, we will be announcing 5 winners today. All the winners will be either picked from Day 9 entries or from any entry from the day before.

The Winners Are:

Peter Rogala
Cody Irwin
Mat Barry
Wade Arenberg
James Thompson

Please remember to email us at giveaways at brightsideofnews dot com to claim your prize.

Today, we have a new question for all of you as well for Day 10. We want to know which article from the last week you enjoyed reading the most and what made it such an enjoyable article. Admittedly, this isn’t an APU related question, but since we’ve been working so hard this week to cover all the different news, we wanted to make sure you were aware of what is going on.

As usual, please leave your comments below and you will become eligible for the contest as long as you follow the parameters asked of you by the contest in our original article. Remember to follow the instructions that we posted in our original article in order to be eligible for the daily giveaway.

Also, we will be shipping APUs next week since we managed to get back from IDF in San Francisco today!

All of the rules are posted in the original article and as always, we wish you the best of luck!