APU a Day Giveaway: Day 12 – Last Giveaway!

Today we want to congratulate our winner for Day 11 of our APU a Day Giveaway. The winner from our 10th day of our APU a Day Giveaway is Ryan Swedine.

Please remember to email us at giveaways at brightsideofnews dot com to claim your prize.

Today, we have a new question for all of you as well for the last day of our giveaway. We want to know what kinds of reviews you would like to see from BSN* or what kind of news, give us any feedback that you would like. We want to hear from you guys about how we’re doing and we’re open to all suggestions! We want to know if you guys like these giveaways and if you guys like our reviews or news or think that there’s something we should change. We love your feedback!

As usual, please leave your comments below and you will become eligible for the contest as long as you follow the parameters asked of you by the contest in our original article. Remember to follow the instructions that we posted in our original article in order to be eligible for the daily giveaway.

All of the rules are posted in the original article and as always, we wish you the best of luck!