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Video: Qualcomm Calls Out Intel on Overall Device Usability


Qualcomm, yesterday released a new video on YouTube showing a phone running their Snapdragon processor compared against a competitor’s device. Looking at the competitor’s device you can see a striking resemblance to the Gigabyte built Orange San Diego, which is Intel’s reference platform device for the Intel Atom Z2460. The Medfield based device is also known as the XOLO 900 in India and runs almost identical hardware. Looking at the video below you’ll notice the difference in Navigation, Web browsing and Gaming with Qualcomm knocking over the Intel based phone in the gaming demonstration, a little overboard.

Judging by this video, Qualcomm claims that their mainstream Snapdragon S2 basically performs better in daily tasks than the Orange San Diego. Their S2 is being used in a Sony Xperia device, which really does appear to work better in most scenarios than the Intel based reference device.

What we find interesting is that Qualcomm is resorting to similar tactics that we’ve seen from Silicon Valley companies. We’ve seen this kind of marketing from Nvidia, AMD and Intel when battling each other and it looks like Qualcomm has entered the fray. Admittedly, we believe that Qualcomm simply cannot remain silent when competing against the likes of Intel and Nvidia. Intel has vast marketing coffers while Nvidia has always been able to strum up powerful marketing campaigns with minimal expenditures and really find their way into the market. Nvidia managed to get Apple to compare themselves against Tegra, something that Apple has never done in the past. We’re curious to see if this video is in a line of many others from Qualcomm to combat the marketing dollars of Intel and the boisterous nature of Nvidia. Right now, Qualcomm is sitting pretty well in their clearly dominant position but it is clear that they do not want to surrender it to either company easily.