CES Lays Foundation for 2013 Keynote Speakers

The International CES organization is dribbling out the names of who will present the keynote speeches at their January, 2013 event. The latest schedule shows Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam as occupying the Tuesday afternoon slot on January 8.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon Chairman and CEOThe Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) research indicates, not surprisingly, that smartphones will continue to be the primary revenue driver in the consumer marketplace. In that regard, referring to the newly announced speaker, Shapiro said: "As a world leader in providing innovation in communications, mobility and entertainment, Verizon’s success comes from the key role it plays in the lives of consumers."

Verizon will be among the expected 730 wireless-related companies exhibiting at CES 2013. The company has a strong presence in that arena and McAdam had a large hand in establishing it. He has been in an executive position with the company since 2000. Previously, he held the positions of COO, president and CEO of PrimeCo Personal Communications, a joint venture owned by Bell Atlantic and Vodafone AirTouch.

In addition to piloting Verizon, McAdam supports education which prepares students for college and a career. He is a director of the National Academy Foundation, a partnership between business leaders and educators that helps US high schools establish and run technical and service academies.

Verizon is not a new face at CES. Earlier this year, Verizon Communications joined Xerox and Ford in a panel discussion about innovation and its role in their companies’ success. Another keynote in 2012 was Hans Vestberg, the president and CEO of Ericsson, who just analyzed second quarter 2012 returns saying "Demand for Global Services and Support Solutions was strong, while Networks sales decreased year on year mainly due to the expected decline in CDMA equipment sales as well as lower business activity in China and Russia." Qualcomm, Intel and Daimler AG also were in the 2012 keynote spotlight.

The coveted Opening Night Keynote presentation traditionally has been a Microsoft representative, such as Founder Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer. The monster-sized computer company announced in December 2011 that it would no longer partake in the CES extravaganza after CES 2012. Not only did that leave the Main Keynote Speaker slot open but a huge amount of exhibit floor space suddenly became empty. Not to worry, CNET quoted a source as saying that CES sold the space almost immediately for the same amount as Microsoft would have paid. Dish,the entertainment delivery company and Hisense, a Chinese provider of multimedia, home appliances and mobile communications reportedly picked up the slots. You will find them at LVCC, Central Hall – 8143 LVCC, Central Hall ? 7243 come January.

Kazuhiro Tsuga, Panasonic President will by the 2013 CES Keynote Speaker
Kazuhiro Tsuga, Panasonic President will by the 2013 CES Keynote Speaker

The morning of Opening Day, Tuesday January 8, CES shows both CES/CEA President and CEO, Gary Shapiro presenting his State of the Industry talk and the new president of Panasonic, Kazuhiro Tsuga delivering a keynote speech. Shapiro said: "We are thrilled to have Mr. Tsuga take the stage… we look forward to hearing his vision for the future of Panasonic and its leadership in green innovation." Green products have been increasingly emphasized in the technology industry.

Tsuga has been involved in digital network and software technology, audiovisual technologies, and information technology equipment at Panasonic. Additionally, he contributes to advancing major industry efforts, including the standardization of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats. He has also been influential at Panasonic involving devices and systems for more eco-responsible vehicles.
Stephen Woo, President of System LSI Business, Device Solutions at Samsung Electronics

The second day opens with Dr. Stephen Woo, president of Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions speaking on the role of components in enabling consumer product innovations. Samsung is only one of the companies coming from Korea to the show. Korea has the second largest international presence at the International CES. Shapiro commented: "We all look forward to hearing Dr. Stephen Woo share Samsung’s vision from across Samsung Device Solutions, the world leader in advanced semiconductor and display solutions for the IT industry." Additionally, the audience most likely will be interested in hearing what Samsung has to say about the lawsuit Apple recently, and possibly temporarily, won against them. We doubt that we’ve heard the last of that confrontation either.