Get Ready to Grab Prometheus on 3D Blu-ray

The science fiction thriller from director Ridley Scott debuts on Blu-ray 3D next week. Actors Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender as android David lead a star-infested cast through the perils of outer space following a mysterious star map to find the origins of mankind. You can get a collector’s copy for yourself come October 9.

Scott brought us two classics: a nerve wracking Alien in 1979 and Blade Runner in 1982, a sci-fi, noir detective story about chasing man-made replicant creatures built to serve as slaves on Earth’s colonies in outer space. The problem is these human clones possess every human ability except feelings. Blade Runner, set in 2019’s overcrowded, polluted Los Angeles starring Harrison Ford, became a cult film after showing poorly in theaters. However, Rotten Tomatoes’ viewers now rate it at 89 percent approval.

Blade Runner played by Harrison Ford falls in love with Rachael, a man-made replicant, in an earlier Ridley Scott production

Blade Runner played by Harrison Ford falls in love with Rachael, a man-made replicant, in an earlier Ridley Scott production

Soon, you can own Ridley’s latest, Prometheus, a short four months since it left the theaters. His newest mind boggling adventure is a less-than-classic attempt at sci-fi in many people’s opinion, but the special effects, especially in 3D may be worth the price.

The Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment release on Blu-Ray and DVD includes an alternative opening and ending, as well as deleted and alternate scenes to broaden the Prometheus experience. Access is even given to Peter Weyland’s Files. Comments from Director/Producer Ridley Scott, Executive Producer/Writer Damon Lindelof (of Lost) and Writer Jon Spaihts enrich the package.

You can choose between the Prometheus 4-disc Collectors Edition (Catalog# 2281400), Prometheus 2-disc Blu-ray (Catalog# 2281407) or the Prometheus DVD (Catalog# 2281409). All are close captioned with audio in a variety of languages, including Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, and Tamil. Subtitles come in Hindi, Norwegian, Telugu, and Ukrainian among others.

To pre-order the collector’s edition go to Fox Connect priced at $31.99 (a savings of 36 percent). Blu-Ray is listed at $25.99 and widescreen DVD at $18.99. Your purchase will add to the $303 million plus that the film garnered worldwide.

To have a second chance at figuring out what the movie is all about, you need to get past the less than enthusiastic and sometimes harsh reviews of some, such as Forbes that said: ?It is a silly movie, filled with characters and situations that aren’t remotely believable, driven by blatantly obvious plot developments and devices.? One sampling of movie critics gave Prometheus a rating of 65 out of 100. Viewers similarly rated it a mediocre 6.5 out of a scale of 10.

Buy it and you can decide if the prologue showed an alien creating life on earth, or try to discern why David the android put harmful alien goo into Holloway’s drink, or figure out why, after all, if the engineers did create life on earth did they want to destroy it?