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Logitech Launches G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

There is no company more synonymous with quality and customer service than Logitech. However, over the past few years they seem to have lost their way in terms of innovative products and constantly released revisions of their previous keyboards with slight adjustments here and there in terms of looks and functionality. While this has gone on, their competitors have mimicked many of the features of some of the best Logitech keyboards of the past (most notably the original G15) and done so with great success. Their newest arrival is known as the G710 Plus.

We reviewed the Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Gaming keyboard, which to us screamed Logitech influence all over the place, but it lacked the Logitech name. There?s no doubt that many products out there have borrowed from Logitech?s past lead, but they are still not Logitech. Up until today, Logitech simply hadn?t come out with a mechanical gaming keyboard, which drove a lot of loyal customers away to other manufacturers (like Razer, Corsair, Thermaltake and CoolerMaster).

This new keyboard, however, is not a huge departure from Logitech?s recent past. They have decided to go with a less aggressive design in conjunction with their adoption of Cherry Brown switches which combine low actuation force for easier key presses with a definite tacticle feel while eschewing the louder clicking of the Cherry Blue switches normally associated with mechanical keyboards. In addition to being mechanical, Logitech has also given the G710 Plus a series of macro keys, but limited it to only 6 total macro keys unlike the original G15 and the Corsair K90 both of which have 18 (with 3 different optional sets). It also comes with a dual zone backlighting scheme which enables four different levels of brightness and a separate lighting arrangement for WASD and arrow keys.

The price tag on the Logitech G710 Plus is also not a small one with the G710 Plus coming in at $149 on pre-order Amazon, which we believe to be pretty high considering that most mechanical keyboards are well under $150 due to the competition that exists within the market. We believe that Logitech is going to bank on their brand recognition and name to justify the additional price considering that they keyboard only has a 1 year warranty. However, our experiences with Logitech?s customer service have been nothing short of legendary and our 5 year old G15 keyboards are still very functional and enjoying their retirement in our storage.

Generally speaking, we have no question that this will indeed be a quality product and cannot wait to get it in our labs for testing against some of its closest competitors. However, we do believe that even with the brand recognition, quality, and customer service, this keyboard may be a little over priced when you consider some of the already well-established competition. However, we will reserve full judgment until we get the keyboard in our labs and compare the different keyboards side by side in gaming scenarios.

Logitech and Amazon are currently taking pre-orders and will be delivering the finished keyboards by the end of the month.