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Netgear Announces New 10GbE Switches

We received news from NETGEAR, our official networking partner that they have released a family of new 10GbE managed network switches. The switches support Layer 2+ management from the get go and offer a license upgrade to a full Layer 3 management for businesses that choose to do so.

Under the name "ProSafe Next-Gen Edge M5300" (we do feel putting "Next-Gen" in name of the product family is a bit of an overkill), the company launched three models: M5300-28G (24-port, $2,270), M5300-52G (48-port 10GbE, $3,650), as well as 24-port Gigabit Fiber ($2,930). Out of these three, the 24-port Fiber is the only one that comes with the Layer 3 "out of the box", while you can purchase the upgrade for the first two for $660 and $1,250 respectively.

All switches support PoE+ (Power over Ethernet+) and 10Gbase-T, which you can utilize for example – to run high-definition surveillance cameras right from the switch onwards. But that is just the beginning. The high bandwidth offered by the switches is targeting hospitals and other data heavy institutions that need the leverage and cut off as much delay as possible.

Each and every switch has two embedded 10GbE uplinks, a 10 Gbase-T (RJ45, classical wired Ethernet) and an SFP+ (Fiber). Should you need to expand the uplink or create a stackable switch, there are two additional 10GbE I/O bays for uplink. Internally, all switches come with an 48Gbps interconnect, which should prove suitable for 1GbE operations but we’re not as sure when is the choking point for a device with 48 10GbE ports.

All products are now available.