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VIDEO: Minority Report User Interface… Actually Exists


Among scientists and researchers, the user interface from Minority Report (2002) represents the holy grail of technology. The researchers behind the movie did much more than entertainment. What makes Minority Report an iconic movie aren’t special effects and rich imagination, but rather the lack of them.

The concept behind the movie was to create the world which is perfectly realistic (albeit in the future), and which could function without the need for materials such as the Unobtanium or Dilithium (actually, you can scrap that second one from the list). With driverless cars being now allowed on the roads of California and Nevada, we’re getting one step closer.

But perhaps the most impressive part of the movie was the computer interface used by Tom Cruise. If you have followed this closely, you’d probably know that the technology itself wasn’t special effect but rather combined rather exotic materials, such as holographic projectors (reverse Black UV projector), special sheets of material and touch sensors within gloves.

Recently, a video came out that went into greater detail how the interface actually works, and if you have a fat checkbook, you can actually turn a movie into a reality. If you have time, dedicate next hour and watch the video about the Mezzanine interface with its creator, Oblong Industries.

First video focuses on Minority Report:

Second video covers what Robert Scoble describes as a mind-blowing interface: