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MobileTrust – Mobile Keystroke Protection to Safeguard Your Data

StrikeForce are pioneers in providing security solutions for the enterprise and consumers. They are the creators of out-of-band authentication and anti-keylogging keystroke encryption. This expertise has enabled StrikeForce to release their new product called MobileTrust, which enables both Android and iOS devices to securely enter their data into their devices without those keystrokes ever being captured. This anti-keylogging technology is derived from their GuardedID software which was originally developed for PCs and allows for improved protection against key logging.

In addition to MobileTrust having keystroke encryption, it also features a password vault that stores passwords for internal networks and external cloud services. This is all done in an encrypted database and enables corporate users to securely log in anywhere. Since the program comes with a key vault, StrikeForce can also implement a strong password generator to help the user generate extremely strong passwords that are not easy to brute force. Since there is already an encrypted database for these other two features, StrikeForce also enables users to store notes and other proprietary data securely inside of the encrypted database.

MobileTrust also enables for two-factor authentication for login access to internal or external sites that comply with the OATH standard. This can effectively eliminate the need for a physical token to be able to login to a secure site. They’ve also provided a CryptoColor visual verification which highlights the text entry fields that are being encrypted to notify the user that the software is actively working on their device.

The way that we look at such a suite of software is that it is something that many enterprise companies do not realize that they need until it is too late. At this current moment, the world of wireless is effectively the wild west of malware with people writing new malware for both iOS and Android on a daily basis. Since anti-virus companies spend so much time and effort to prevent such attacks it is highly advised to be running some sort of anti-virus on your phone. However, running anti-virus generally doesn’t guarantee that a keylogger will not find its way onto your device. That’s where MobileTrust comes in and effectively assumes the worst scenario and does its best to prevent your data from being compromised. Obviously, using this software as a preventative measure is also a good course of action since you really have no idea if your device is infected or not considering the sheer amount of new viruses.

While we don’t necessarily see this program being necessarily important to most consumers (except for the ultra-paranoid), we do believe that this is the perfect solution for enterprise customers looking to secure their own and their customers’ data even when their devices may be compromised. This software should be demanded by enterprise customers from their device manufacturers or carriers when providing true ‘enterprise’ solutions for their customers. Simply providing users with devices and cellular service is no longer good enough.