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RightWare Launches Next-Gen Kanzi UX Development Platform


Over the past several years, we witnessed large jumps forward in the way we communicate with computers. User Experience designers (UX) rely on middleware tools, and one of leading tools in the segment, Kanzi UX Solution – just reached version 2.5.2, which represents a major step forward.

Kanzi UX is a product from RightWare, Futuremark’s spinoff that focuses on creating middleware that powers UI creation for the embedded industries, such as automotive or mobile. The main advantage of Kanzi over the traditional ways of creating automotive infotainment systems was 3D game creation approach versus hard-coding in Adobe’s Flash – which is probably the main reason why your car dashboard is "slow".

This middleware is consisted out of UI engine (2D, 3D or even Stereoscopic 3D), design tool and libraries containing various graphics effects.

To build on its current market share and establish themselves as market leaders, Rightware came out with the 2.5.2 build, which we believe should be named v3.0 or 2013. New features are as follows:

?Animation blending – allowing developers to run multiple animations

?New Thread-Safe Memory Manager

?Support for RAW image formats – RGB, Alpha, Greyscale, Greyscale_Alpha

?Property binding – multiple objects can be interlinked together. Changing property of one object enables defining how other properties behave.

?Tags – adding to the existing groups mechanism. Objects can be tagged to specific render passes

The new version of Kanzi UX now comes with the new feature enabling "one click" creation of an Android APK installation file. The APK file is automatically sent to the specific device via the USB cable and executed.

If you are in the automotive, or mobile industry – capabilities such as these are previously unheard off. In any case, while there are some similar tools, such as NVIDIA UI Composer, we haven’t encountered an all-encompassing middleware such as the Kanzi UX. Using COLLADA file format, design studios can export their creations from Autodesk’s 3ds Max or Maya, and animate those elements through Kanzi. The suite is based on OpenGL ES API, and as such will work on almost any platform.

If you are interested, here is a page for requesting a trial version of Kanzi UX 2.5.2.