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Escort SmartRadar Uses Cloud to Beat the Traffic Police

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen Police taking quite the interest in finding and punishing drivers that break the law by either speeding, running the light etc. Yet, we live in a world that continuously tries to limit itself.

There’s no doubt that breaking traffic laws is illegal and dangerous. However, vehicles of today are significantly more safe and faster, as even the baseline version of  a regular family sedan such as Dodge Charger has more horsepower available than an Indy or NASCAR race car from 1970s.

Furthermore, traffic laws in the U.S. (especially ones in terms of speeding) often don’t make sense, since they were probably not changed in more decades that the author of these lines spend on third rock from the Sun. Moving from Europe to United States also meant that driving style needed serious adjustment. In a country that has more highway lanes going in one way than most European countries have in total, idea that speed limits are much lower – just boggles the mind. Thus, dealing with speed tickets and smaller traffic violations can prove quite disadvantageous in terms of insurance rates and similar problems. 

Luckily, where there is a will, there is a way. Escort Inc. is one of pioneers in the field, manufacturing radar detector solutions that capture speed measuring systems ranging from conventional radars to laser beams. And while there’s no denying that methods of collecting traffic became more automatized, Escort decided to rain on the law enforcements’ ticket-writing parade and start using the cloud to their customers’ advantage.

The company recently launched its Smart Radar system and even though you can use it as a standalone system, its real strength is connectivity to the cloud-based service ESCORT Live. By using a mobile device such as smartphone or a tablet (Android, iOS platforms are supported), you can get an update from a continuously updated database.

We have recorded a video with MR. Ron Gividen, Media Director at Escort Inc. explaining how the cloud system works, and we invite you to watch the video below:

We’ll be testing the system in the upcoming weeks and will report our findings.