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When Gaming is a Big Business: Earn a Million Dollars Playing LoL


Regardless of how you may feel about it, professional gaming is a sport. Playing computer games is nothing to sneeze at, as the subculture from 1990s is slowly but certainly coming to limelight. First decade of 21st century was marked with individual success in the form of Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, first pro-gamer to make a successful transition into mainstream press and have his own branded products. Jonathan currently lives in Las Vegas, and successfully competes in numerous games.

Today, there are plenty of titles you can play on, but only one can earn you a cool million dollars. To be more precise – $250,000 per head. While the award funds in titles such as StarCraft are measured in tens of thousands of dollars, Riot Games Inc. from Santa Monica, CA took the concept of merging the entertainment with the world of PC gaming and decided to give away a good portion of the revenue to the gamers.

League of Legends is a free to play game, with in-game character and item purchasing. The base premise of the game is Player-versus-Player (PvP), and progression through tiers. World finals are another thing, and they’re indeed world finals, where teams first battle within a country, and then compete on a global level. On recently held 2nd season World Championship Final, the grand prize was rounded to the afore mentioned million dollars, and it was a Taiwanese "Taipei Avengers" beat Korean "Azubu Frost". Watch the 5 min video recap of 2nd Season Finals here:

These young guys got a good start in life, with every player of this five member team earning $250,000. Add in a few years of competitive gaming, and they’ll be able to afford an apartment and a sports car by the time they reach 18. Naturally, it is a question of time before we start seeing adults competitively playing these games and a clash of cultures will ensue.

Given that there are 32 million registered accounts in this game, it has more active players than World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Guild Wars etc… combined. If you have a belief that PC gaming or PC platform as such is dead, we take nobody told that to Riot Games and its loyal customer base. We only wonder when the company will start heavily licensing its brand to hardware manufacturers to spur on 3rd party hardware sales and propel the game even more.

If you are interested now, you can download the League of Legends here.