AMD Will Announce Strategy Update On October 29th


Today, AMD announced that they will be holding a press conference to discuss their strategy in more detail. The conference will be hosted by President and CEO, Rory Read, as well as Lisa Su, SVP and General Manager Global Business Units. The conference will be held on October 29th in San Francisco and is scheduled to begin at 1:30 PM PDT. The event will be live-streamed on AMD’s investor relations website.

It was generally expected that AMD would detail their restructuring measures and revised strategy at some point in the future. However, considering that the information given during their earnings call occurred just last week, this announcement comes as a bit of a surprise due to the proximity to the initial announcement of the measures. Since the call, analysts have criticized AMD for not giving enough details about their strategy. AMD’s executives surely want to restore trust of the company with a compelling strategy statement.

In another press release, the company announced more than 125 PC designs based on AMD platforms. Considering the imminent launch of Windows 8, this release is understandable, but the information itself is not news as it was already disclosed during last week’s conference call announcing their slightly disappointing Q3 2012 financial numbers.

Coincidentally on the same day, Google will be hosting an event where allegedly, new Nexus devices as well as a new version of Android ? the as-of-yet unnamed 4.2 ? should be introduced to the public.